Calibrating machine cal160

with 1 calibrating spindle

CAL 160 calibrating-polishing machine has been developed and carried out for calibrating  and polishing marble strips or sized tiles and for removing possible defects coming from previous processes, in order to give to the product a homogeneous thickness and visual agreability. This machine is equipped with 1 vertical spindle, which mount 1 x Ø 700 calibrating cup with a removable crown to which the diamond-studded tools are welded, and 2 polishing spindles supporting 2 x Ø 700 plates.
The height adjustment of the calibrating spindle is made individually, it is electrical and visualized, while the polishing spindles work by compressed air. All the spindles lift automatically when there is no material on the belt. Belt speed is adjustable by means of a speed variator.

Technical details


Max working width    mm    600
Calibrating cups number        1
Polishing plates number        2
Cup / plate diameter    mm    700
Power    kW    45
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50

Number of calibrating heads as well as grinding groups can be added according to customers needs

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