Calibrating machine calibrating for granite


The calibrating machine is equipped with  a structure holding a pallet in stainless steel on which slides a rubber belt.
On a bridge structure which is lengthwise to the machine, there are 3 calibrating units moving widthwise. The calibrating unit are connected with a beam which allows the processing of thicknesses among 8 and 80 mm.
The vertical movement has 2 speeds and it can be visualised on the digital screen.
A unit box will contain all the electrical controls fo the sequence functioning with the further machines.

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Technical details


Working Height    mm    8-80
Working width    mm    620
Calibrating spindles motor power    kW    22,50
Advancig motor power belt speed    kW    1,50
Motor power bridge move    kW    1,50
Motor power belt lifting    kW    0,18
Belt speed    mt/min    1-4
Calibrating motor power    kW    18,50
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50

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