The machine is built on a base on which there are 2 columns installed, these hold the bridge on which a cutting group is mounted. The cutting group is composed by a motor flywheel inclined with reference to the bench of nearly 90° and on the other side by a tensioning flywheel with hydraulic tensioning system. Two little flywheels wire guide of  diam. 350 mm are located in parallel position to the belt and assure the direction of the wire with reference to the slab to be cut.
The bridge is equipped of mechanical lifting system that can work automatically with the control of thickness of the slab in entrance to do the cutting in the mid air of the slab, or the cutting thickness can be settled by the operator.
On the base a conveyor is installed and it allows the forwarding of the slab and on the same belt there is a support holding a blade of the wire thickness which hold the upper slab.
The cutting group is composed by two main flywheels that transmit the movement to the wires. The motor flywheel of diam. 1.000 mm is moved by inverter to have teh chance to change the speed of working of the wire. The second flywheel dragged executes the tensioning of the wire through an hydraulic system which assures the stability of kg in traction on the wire. Two wire guide little flywheels diam. 350mm installed on the conveyor assure the precision of the cutting of the wire.
The belt conveyor is composed by a bench in steel holding 2 drums.
The motor drum is moved by motoreducer controlled by inverter to adjust the speed. The free drum executes the tensioning of the conveyor belt.
The control of the thickness of the slab is done by two wheels with encoder that can check even a possible imperfection of the thickness on one and other side of the slab. In this way it is possible incline a bit the wire in order to divide the problem between two slabs. The cutting thickness can always be programmed by the operator with fixed quotes.

Machine features
All metallic parts of the machine are treated with anti corrosion systems composed by dry sandblasting of the metal, painting with bi-components and final paint polyuretanic bicomponents. The parts which are more exposed to corrosion are supplied in inox steel or fibreglass.

The machine can work slabs with width max 2.000mm and length 3.000mm for a thickness max of 350mm – max weight of the slab 1.000 kg.

Technical details

Technical data

Speed of diamond wire with inverter adjustment    15-45 m/sec
  Wire diam.     7,3 mm
 Water consumption     20 litri/min.
 Motor power diamond wire     11 kW

Dimensions of the machine

Width    4.900mm
Length     5.000mm
Roller table length    2.500mm each
weight    3.000 kg

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