The loading-unloading trolley for slabs mod. CL-CAR30 has been expressly designed for the loading and unloading of slabs onto processing lines. The machine, fully automatic, is composed of a trolley running along rails from the storage vertical position to the axis of the next processing line. A tip-up roller table is mounted on the trolley. This roller table rotates from the vertical position to the horizontal one. A sucker system is fixed on the roller table .This system has its own frame so that to perform movements which are indipendent to the tip-up movement of the roller table. This particular system has been studied to hook the slab by all the suckers which are rigidly placed on the same plane in order to avoid breakages of the slabs due to a single movement of the suckers, to lift the slab avoiding any potentially dangerous creepings, then to detach the slab from the pack by the rotation movement of the sucker frame together with the coming-back movement of the trolley.

The machine movements are commanded by PLC and are particularly smooth in taking and detaching the slabs The rotation of the tip-up roller table and the sucker frame movements are fluid-pressured.

The machine is not able to load/unload the slabs with the open-book system.

For the loading/unloading of defective slabs and for the open-book processing we suggest the model CL 2000.

Technical details

Total power                                                        kW                    8

Number of suction cups                                                            30

Air consumption 8 atm                                       lt/m                  50

Standard tension                                                V/Hz         380/50

Max. slab width                                                  mm             2.000

Max. slab length                                                 mm             3.200

Max. slab weight                                                kg                  600

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