Loading and unloading systems for strips ROBV92i

"ROBOT V 92 I"

Robot V 92 I automatic loader is a patented machine specifically designed for the automation of marble and granite processing lines. This machine, fully automatic, picks up sawn workpieces with its sucker panel directly from a pallet and rests them on a motorized roller table that feeds the processing line. The workpieces are deposited side by side on the roller table up to a maximum of 3 different positions. The machine can load material lying in two horizontal piles or two vertical layers. On request the machine can be used as an unloader at the end of the processing line; in this case it picks up the material from the roller table and lays it directly on the pallet in two horizontal piles or two vertical layers. Machine start up and stop movements are gradual and smooth, generating linear movements without jolting or vibrating the machine and, consequently, the material being transported. Both trolley translation speed and up/down speed have been increased as regards the standard model in order to allow the loading up to a max of 3 side-by-side strips with a length of 300 mm.

Technical details


Total power    kW    3
Roller table motor power    kW    0,3
Air consumption 8 atm    lt/m    50
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50
Min. workpiece width    mm    200
Max. workpiece width    mm    600
Roller table width    mm    1.000
Max. workpiece weight    kg    200

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