Overturning machine for slabs and strips ROV12

"ROV 12"      

The overturning machine mod. ROV 12 is composed of a structure supporting two superimposed belt conveyors which are equipped with pneumatic system of pressure. Thanks to this system the belts press the material between themselves during the rotation.
The rotation is effected by a motor controlled by inverter and it is very fast: thanks to this feature the overturning machine can be inserted in very quick processing lines.
The overturning machine can be inserted between two polishing machines by adding two launching conveyors: one at the entrance and one at the exit.
The overturning machine can be inserted between a splitting machine and a polishing machine by adding a first lauching conveyor that is used as a separating unit and a final feeding conveyor  for the polishing machine. In this case the overturning machine turns alternatively the tiles in order to show the cut surface in the upper position.

Technical details


Max length of tiles    mm    600
Max width of tiles     mm    1.200
Max thickness of tiles    mm    40
Total power installed    kW    2,2
Tension    V/Hz    380/50

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