Resin line Cutting machine TAG22

“TAG 22”

The combined cutting machine is designed for the production of slap floors with a very high productivity.
The machine is composed by a belt conveyor that brings a rubber carpet of big thickness, on this carpet slabs are cut. A first transversal belt bridge brings spindles that allow the electric displacement visualised and with a disc holder motor with 20 HP power each. After this first bridge, a mobile bridge on two orthogonal belt beams brings the heads for the cross-cutting of the tiles. Even these heads are equipped with motor with 20 HP power and electric displacement visualised. The change of the measure of these heads is reached in a fastway as each head is equipped with motorisation and displacement both independent, though for each new list of displayed measures, the heads move all simultaneously to reach the dimensions selected. The machine is provided with a broke trim system at the end of the belt and can be accessorised with a belt to bring the trims to one holder.

Technical details

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