The resin systems for slabs can be supplied with a lot of different types depending on the production requested.
The simpler is composed of an automatic loader-unloader which takes the slab from a support placed on a turning platform and will deposit the slab directly on a metal tray which will take the slab into the oven.
The oven can contain 50 or 60 trays it depends on customer needs and the trays will be stack one above the other.
Above the pile at the entrance there is a transport which takes the trays on a pile at the exit. In this way all the slabs can do the path inside of the oven (from the bottom to the upper and come back) so every slab will have the same temperature even if there will be different temperatures inside the oven (up and down part of the oven).
When the oven is full, the slabs will exit and come back to a transport system and carried to the resin station and come again inside the oven.
When every slab is  resined the first ones which have been resined will exit with the polimerization resin, go to the loader-unloader and will download on the turning support.
The loader unload the resined slab on a side of the support and will reload a new slab to be dryed.
This system is not continuous which means that there is a time for the unloading and loading of the oven and a time for the distribution of the resin.
This is the simpler system it can also be doubled with a second oven in this way it will be more continuous as when an oven dryes the slabs the other can do the polimerization of the resin.
The system can also be  improved with a third oven to allow the distribution of the resin on a surface of the slab and resin of the other.
The distribution of the net and of the resin can be done manually or they can be completely automatic.

Technical details

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