Trimming machine RN2000

"RN 2000"

The belt trimming machine mod. RN 2000 is a machine designed to continuously cut marble or granite slabs in order to obtain strips with desired width. This machine is equipped with independent cutting spindles, adjustable in the direction of width, on which discs with max diameter of 350 mm can be mounted. The belt conveyor is made of thick rubber and its upper part is engraved by the discs during the cutting. All spindles are adjustable in height to make possible disc mounting and their adjustment of the engraving depth on the belt.
The belt forwarding speed is adjustable with motor variator.
The machine can be completed with a hydraulic overturning roller table for slab loading at the input side and with a free or motorized roller table for slab unloading at the output side.

Technical details


Max workable width    mm    2.200
Max usable disk diameter    mm    350
Motor spindle power for marble    kW    6,6
Motor spindle power for granite    kW    5
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50

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