Trimming machine RNM1

"RN M1"

The belt trimming machine mod. RN M1 is a machine designed and created to continuously trim marble or granite strips.
The machine has a spindle-group with shaft having a max useful length of 600 mm. The discs are mounted on this shaft. The power of the motor-spindle is HP 50.
The conveyor belt is made of thick rubber and its upper surface is engraved by the discs during cutting. The conveyor belt is provided with electric up-down movement for the change of the discs and for the adjustment of the engraving depth on the belt.
The forwarding speed of the belt can be adjusted by motor variator.

Technical details


Diameter of discs    mm    400
Power of motor-spindle    HP    50
Total power installed    HP    53
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50

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