Unloader for block cutter SG220P

"SG 220 P"  

This machine is fully automatic. It works in perfect synchrony with the block-cutter. It employs a sucker panel to pick up the just-sawn workpiece from the block-cutter and carry it to a pallet. The unloader can handle any type of granite, even if there are broken spots in the workpieces. In fact the machine is equipped with a powerful air pump that guarantees vacuum power to suckers even when only a single sucker is covered when none of the other ones are touching the workpiece and consequently all are sucking in air. The only limitations that apply to workpieces regard thickness, a maximum of 50 mm, and height, a minimum of 150 mm. All machine movements are performed by hydraulic cylinders. These are powered by a hydraulic unit with braked start-up and stop, guaranteeing smooth movements without suddenly stressing and vibrating the machine. The type of the hydraulic fluid employed, and the characteristics of the hydraulic unit, are all selected to ensure perfect operation in extremely hot, cold and damp working conditions. The machine can unload workpieces onto pallets in either vertical or horizontal position. The unloader can automatically unload a complete block layer without operator intervention, as all movements are controlled by an electronic data processor, that will automatically stop the unloader and the block-cutter in case of an emergency.

Technical details


Power of the oil pressured control box    kW    4,0
Power of vacuum control box    kW    2,5
Power of pallet-holder trolley    kW    0,7
Air consumption 7-10 atm    lt/m    50
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50
Mim. workpiece width    mm    150
Max. workpiece thickness     mm    50
Max. workpiece weight    kg    150
Max. block depth    mm    2.200

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