Unloader for block cutter SL400P

"SL 400 P"  
unloading onto pallet

The newly conceived automatic unloader for block cutter mod. SL 400 P has been the result of Socomac's experience in this field for over ten years.
The main features of this machine are the following:
- the position on the side of the block cutter,
- the reduced dimensions in comparison with the old models,
- the clearing of the block cutter front.
The machine is composed of:
- a column equipped with an up-down trolley able to reach the different heights of the block layers and of the deposit pallet;
- two pivoted arms which are moved on their centre of rotation by brushless servo-motors and by interpolated axis control in order to make possible the movement of the sucker panel in a rectilinear direction both for approaching the strip to be unloaded and for return and unloading onto pallet.
The speed of the processing cycle is rather high to make possible an unloading cycle of about 30/40 sec.
The type of chosen motorization allows smooth, precise and fast movements.

Technical details


Power of vacuum cabinet engine                kW              2,5
Total power                                   kW               10
Air consumption 7-10 atm                      lt/m             50
Standard tension                              V/Hz    380/50
Min. workpiece width                          mm              150
Max. workpiece thickness                      mm               80
Max. workpiece weight                         kg              300
Max. block depth                              mm             4000

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