Unloader for block cutter SV400P

"SV 400 P"  

The new automatic sucker unloaders for block-cutter of the line SV result from the evolution of the lines SM-SG which have been on the market for over ten years and are still produced by Socomac.
This new line presents interesting innovations, even maintaining the general setting out of the previous series.
The most important innovations are the following:
- vertical transferring fluid powered system, operated by proportional solenoid valves in order to have smoother start-up and stop movements and a higher, and in any case variable, maximum speed;
- horizontal transferring system, electromechanically operated, in order to have smoother start-up and stop movements as well as an increased maximum speed, variable in relation to machine position in the processing cycle.
- Palletizing system loading pallets from block-cutter side in order to reduce machine running during the processing cycle.
The block cutters cutting in both directions (cutting and return) can be unloaded as well.
Also the aesthetic standpoint has been updated by inserting the electric and pneumatic wires and tubes into special chains so as to get the maximum possible cleanliness.

Technical details


Power of the fluid powered cabinet    kW    4,0
Power of vacuum cabinet engine    kW    2,5
Pallet-holder trolley or belt conveyor    kW    0,7
Air consumption 7-10 atm    lt/m    50
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50
Min. workpiece width    mm    250
Max. workpiece thickness    mm    50
Max. workpiece weight    kg    150
Max. block depth    mm    4000

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