Wire diamond cutting systems WITH 10 WIRES


The machine has been designed to cut slabs with big thickness. The machine with 10 wires can cut 9 thicknesses of 100 mm and then the length of the material can be till 970 mm. The structure of the machine is triangle-based with a drum multi groove with a diam. 1.200 mm, a free roller with free pulleys diam. 1.200 mm and a set of tensioning wheels with a diam. 1.200 mm.
The machine can cut slabs with thickness from 30 mm till 100 mm with 10 wires, for higher thicknesses you should take off some wires.
The up-down movement of the machine is done with 2 columns but centring on the machine and drums are supported by 2 sides.
The changing of the thickness of cutting is done by the displacement of the wires on the different grooves.
The guide motor is provided with inverter to adjust the peripherical speed of the wires.

Technical details


- Wires motor power     kW    55
- Total power installed    kW    60
- Consomption water    l/min    250
- Consumption air    l/min    200

The same machine can be supplied with 14 or 16 wires.

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