Wire diamond cutting systems WITH 2 WIRES


The cutting system with 2 wires – 2 W is a machine designed to square the blocks or to obtain slabs with big thicknesses. The machine is equipped with a structure holding 4 fly wheels with diam. 2.350 mm that move the diamond wire used to cut. The speed of the fly wheels and then of the wire is adjustable and is controlled by inverter.
The up – down movement of the wires is done through two trolleys on rollers that move on squared based columns. This type of system allows a good rigidity and in the meantime ease movement. The tensioning of the wires is hydraulical with constant adjustable pressure and independent from the wire.
The adjustment of the thickness of the cutting between the two wires is electrical.
The machine can be equipped with a fixed or turning block holder trolley which is controlled by motoreducer controlled by inverter and provided with encoder for the exact positioning of the trolley for the cutting of the slab for thickness.

Technical details


- Motor of flywheels controlled by inverter    kW    30
- Up/down movement hydraulically controlled motoreducer    kW    2
- Tensioning wire hydraulic unito    kW    1
- Thickness of cutting between two wires    mm    30÷300
- Motor of trolley block-holder controlled by inverter    kW    1,1
- Max measures of cutting
  hight    mm    2.300

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