Wire diamond cutting systems WITH 3 WIRES


This machinery has been designed to semplify the production of slabs with different thicknesses. The machinery is composed by a structure with 6 flywheels of 2500mm of diameter, which move 3 diamond wires for the cutting of granite. The flywheels are controlled by PLC through an hydraulic system and can be moved in order to obtain the thickness required. Thicknesses of cuts can measure from 30mm up to 200 mm by using 3 wires, if you take away the wire in the middle, you might reach a thickness of 450mm. With this system (the millimetric displacement of the flywheels) you can cut any possible thickness.
The machinery is furnished with a motorised trolley controlled by inverter and provided with encoder of placement. With this trolley you can obtain n. 3 slabs for each cut. The displacement of the trolley is connected and controlled by the PLC of the machinery and the stop target is calculated to obtain the 3rd slab. The machinery is provided with a new up-down system of wires. This is an hydraulic system made with 2 cylinders which can move in an equal way or with different speed.
This system allows the entrance into the block with the wires not perfectly horizontal, they will be placed horizontally in automatic. Any of this operations can be programmed by the operator.
The system works with hydraulic cylinders so its duration is loger compared to screws, considering the outdoor position of this kind of machinery.

Technical details


- Motor of flywheels controlled by inverter    kW    45
- Up/down movement hydraulically controlled with motorised
  junction box by brushless motors    kW    1
- Box for wire tension with constant pressure and with
  electronical check of kgs of wires tension    kW    2
- Box of displacement of flywheels with absolute micrometric check
  of the displacement measure    kW    2
- Motor of trolley block-holder controlled by inverter    kW    1,1
- Max measures of cutting
  hight    mm    2.400
  length    mm    3.600

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