Wire diamond cutting systems WITH 38 DIAMOND WIRES


The machine is able to cut 1.000 mm wide blocks, so you can obtain slabs of 20 mm by using 38 wires. Blocks can be 2.200 mm high, 3.600 mm long. The machine is composed of a structure with 4 columns which can assure a great steadiness to the whole system.
On the 4 columns, 4 trolleys will move connected 2 by 2, this will allow the up and down movement of the wiresholder wheel group. The up-down movement is executed by an hydraulic system electronically controlled. This is a very important innovation in this market: you can save the cost and time for the maintainance and mostly important, you can improve your safety level (there will be no sudden drops of mobile parts due to the breaking of nuts for the movement). The engine part of the machine is executed by a 2.200 mm diameter drum connected with a motor fitted by inverter. On the other side 2 free rollers with free pulley move the wires. Between the 2 rollers there are the pulleys for the tension of the wires.
The tension is independent and hydraulically executed.
For the special system of up-down movement the machine can work with tilting wires so you can start the cut of the block form one side and then carry the wires in a flat position or inclined in the other way. The greasing system is automatic.
One of the aims of the machine is to help the operator in any kind of operations he might do.

Technical details


- Power installed    kw    130
- Water consumption    l/min    100
- Useful cut    3.600 x 1.000 x 2.200
- N. max wires    38
- Diam. Wires    mm 7.3

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