Loading and unloading systems for strips ROBA100i

"ROBOT A 100  I"

The unloader mod. Robot A 100 I is a machine realized for the automatization of line producing lime stone paving. Materials coming from the production line arrive on the table where the worker can throw away  the bad pieces and put the good material on the small conveyor.
Any further works are  automatic, in fact the conveyor complete of pusher rams will prepair a surface of about 1 mtq where  lime stones are perfectly brought near to each others.
When the surface is full the unloader  will take the material through a vacuuming plane and  will put down it on a pallet till the completion of the same pallet. Start and stop of the machine are done in a progressive way so there are movement without jolts and vibrations of the machine and of the moved material.

Technical details


Total power installed    kW    4
Power of the motor rolley    kW    0,7
Standard tension    V/Hz    380/50

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