Wire diamond cutting systems WITH ONE WIRE MOVABLE ON RAIL


The cutting wire system movable on rail has been designed for the squaring of blocks in order to obtain slabs with big thicknesses. The machinery is composed by a structure with 2 flywheels of 2.300 mm of diameter, which move 1 diamond wire used for the cutting. The speed of flywheels and of the wire can be modified and it is controlled by inverter. The up/down movement of the wire takes place through 2 trolleys with rollers which move on columns in squared sections. This system allows a strong rigidity and in the meanwhile an excellent flowingness. The tension of the wire is achieved hydraulically with uniform and adjustable pressure.
The machine moves on a rail in order to do different cuttings and then it can cut the blocks layed on trolleys or layed directly on the floor. The cutting wire system movable can be combined with a fixed cutting wire system to execute the squaring of one block by doing two cuts in the same time.

Technical details


- Motor  for movement of flywheels controlled by inverter    kW    15
- up/down movement hydraulically controlled by motorised
   junction box by brushless motors    kW    1
- Hydraulic box for the wire tension    kW    1
- Displacement on the rail    kW    2
- Max measures of cutting
  hight    mm    2.400
  length    mm    3.600

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